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Do you always sit through the credits?

Do you always sit through the entire end credits of the movies you watch? —Josh Miles

Always? No. Not when the movie is bubblegum (Aquamarine), or the credits are written in Korean, or I'm watching at home on a screen that squishes the printed word beyond readability. (Or when I've got a pizza waiting for me.) But whenever possible? Yes — and not only to stick around for the outtakes, in-jokes, and bonus material like Jackie Chan's bone-breaking accidents or the chicken-and-egg conversation in Chicken Run (above). Inevitably, I want to find out where the picture was shot, the name of a certain piece of music, the number of special-effects houses employed, the technical processes of the moviemaking, and the size of the star's entourage (assistants, personal trainer, dialect coach). From little indies, I learn how many friends and family members were hit up for financial support. And from big-studio animated flicks, I learn the latest trends in children's names, thanks to the cataloging of ''Production Babies.''

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