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The Deal Report: April 21, 2006

+ Steven Spielberg and Survivor 's Mark Burnett are producing On the Lot, a Fox reality series to air next season in which amateur directors compete for a DreamWorks development deal. The helmers will make short films that are critiqued by judges and voted on by the public. ''There's a world out there of great filmmakers,'' says Burnett. ''This is being done to discover talent and give back.''

+ Kiefer Sutherland has signed on to play Jack Bauer for at least three more years on Fox's 24 . Also in discussions: a 24 feature film.

+ Arrested Development 's Will Arnett will produce and star in The Ambassador, about a bumbling diplomat. Says Arnett of the shoot: ''I'm very excited at the opportunity to cruise around Europe on someone else's dime.''

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