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Cameron Bright Is Having a Moment

Cameron Bright talks about his shining career -- The actor discusses his roles in ''Birth'' and ''X-Men''

You'd think it would take a big man, or at least a Tom Cruise-size one, to upstage Nicole Kidman. But the most memorable thing about the Oscar winner's 2004 flick Birth was her 10-year-old costar (and bath partner). ''People say, 'You were freaky in that movie,''' admits Bright, now 13, ''but I'm not like that in real life.'' No matter, Hollywood has taken a shine to the Canadian actor. Already he's appeared in three films this year: First Bright chewed up the scenery in Running Scared, as a boy who shoots his stepfather; then he played Milla Jovovich's charge in Ultraviolet (he's young, so we'll give him a pass on that stinker) and Aaron Eckhart's son in Thank You for Smoking. Still to come: blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand on May 26. Naturally, Bright won't tell us much: ''It's really secretive,'' he explains, ''but I can say that I play a character named Leech. Both the good and bad guys are fighting over him.'' So, it seems, are casting directors.

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