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You Might Know Me From...

Why is ''24'''s Gregory Itzin so familiar? -- We recall the actor's earlier roles

Why does 24's President Logan look so darn familiar? Could be because he prosecuted Heather Locklear on Boston Legal, to name just one of Itzin's former gigs. Below, six more blasts from this character actor's past.

AIRPLANE! (1980)
Itzin's Religious Zealot No. 1 offered flowers in exchange for donations.

TEEN WOLF (1985)
He played the teacher who lectured Michael J. Fox on Thomas Wolfe.

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 (1992)
Remember the priest who advised Donna about sex?

V.I.P. (1999)
Here he is as a talk-show host who hired Pam Anderson's Val for protection.

Yep, Itzin portrayed Vulcan Captain Sopek.

FRIENDS (2002, 2004)
In two episodes, he appeared as Paul Rudd's snobby father.

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