The Family Business

Prince Caspian
The follow-up to Wardrobe, Prince Caspian is the only other book to feature all four Pevensie kids. The script is currently being written, and producer Mark Johnson admits adapting the slender Caspian ''is proving tougher than Wardrobe.'' Granat adds that the movie may be bumped from 2007 to Christmas 2008 due to daunting effects demands.

The Voyage of the 'Dawn Treader'; The Silver Chair
Caspian will be followed by Treader, in which Edmund and Lucy help King Caspian locate the seven banished lords of Narnia. Walden plans to use Caspian, Treader, and The Silver Chair to create an interlocking trilogy that will be shot in that order.

The Magician's Nephew; The Horse and His Boy; The Last Battle
Chronologically speaking, Nephew comes before Wardrobe, and Horse comes after, while the apocalyptic, Aslan- vs.-anti-Christian Aslan Battle caps the series. The most likely of the three to be made first is Nephew, which explains how the Professor came to own that wardrobe.

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