The 25 Best Music Websites

Fans of dance music and groups like SCISSOR SISTERS will love
Fans of dance music and groups like SCISSOR SISTERS will love

The utopian ideal of the '60s thrives on this free concert-swapping forum, where the old Grateful Dead tape-trading community has set up shop. But there's far more here than the latest Phil Lesh & Friends show. Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson, and Death Cab for Cutie are just a few of the nearly 2,000 bands with concerts on the nonprofit site.
GREAT FIND My Morning Jacket, 11/23/05, Louisville Palace

Like a snarky best friend, this blog is the prime Web destination for rock & roll gossip and breaking Britney news. Despite its trashy celeb obsession and often goofy tone, the music is no joke. Stereogum picks next-hot-bands with uncanny accuracy. (Current choice: the folk-pop of Beirut.) Count on the site to point you toward the latest indie-rock crushes (Sufjan Stevens), fun covers (the Postal Service do Phil Collins), and prerelease singles from the likes of Kanye West.
GREAT FIND Kevin Federline's ''Popozao''

The beat junkies at this Web store are intensely dedicated cool-hunters, combing the globe for the latest obscure mash-up mixtape from Belgium, the rarest dub-reggae compilation from Jamaica, and underground hip-hop MCs from Brooklyn whom everyone will be raving about six months from now. Stock up on mix CDs drawn from their cache of hard-to-find music before your next party and prepare to move the furniture.
GREAT FIND DJ Spinbad's '80s MegaMix Vol. 2

Imagine booting up the computer every morning and finding a free new MP3 on your hard drive from the Shins, post-punk legends Gang of Four, or indie-pop singer Jenny Lewis. That's the appeal of these podcasts offered by Santa Monica's KCRW and Seattle's KEXP, two quality public stations that have updated NPR's boomer slant for the blog generation.
GREAT FIND Band of Horses' ''The Funeral''

Site founder Matthew Perpetua has been posting MP3s nearly every day since 2002, which makes him a veteran on the scene. His experience has honed his audioblogging skills. Biased toward anything catchy and upbeat, Fluxblog is like an aural dose of Saint-John's-wort. Visitors can expect shiny dance-pop (Scissor Sisters), hard-to-find remixes (Hot Chip's remake of Gorillaz's ''Kids With Guns''), and plenty of Kylie Minogue-style disco princesses (Robyn), all long before they hit brick-and-mortar stores.
GREAT FIND Robyn's ''Crash and Burn Girl''


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