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Where They 'Stand'

In the third ''X-Men'' movie, the superhumans reexamine their allegiances when the government discovers a cure for mutants. Meet the new characters of ''The Last Stand,'' and get details on the paths your favorites take

Image credit: X-Men 3: Nels Israelson; Jackman: WETA
Image credit: Patrick Stewart: Nels Israelson

Professor X

Patrick Stewart

MUTANT POWER Telepathy; telekinesis

LAST SEEN Safely running his School for Gifted Youngsters, after nearly losing it to mutant-hating militant William Stryker

THINKER OR FIGHTER? Xavier is still the brains behind the X-Men, but this time we see his darker side.

CURE OR NO CURE? ''He is dismayed by the cure,'' says Stewart. ''But he does not approve of the violent opposition to it that Magneto assumes.''

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