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Drama Credits

''Entourage'' creator Doug Ellin slipped EW a copy of Johnny Chase's resume -- take a look for yourself

With roles like ''Cubs Fan #9'' and ''Bulimic Pedophile,'' Johnny ''Drama'' Chase probably won't be clutching a golden statue anytime soon — unless someone suddenly creates a Lifetime Underachievement Award. ''I don't think he's a hack actor,'' says Entourage creator Doug Ellin about Vince's less famous brother (played by Kevin Dillon). ''He could've been in a Scorcese film for two scenes that got cut out, or he could've taken a job as a dead body in CSI because he needed the money. He's a legitimately talented guy who just needs the right break, you know?'' For your viewing pleasure, Ellin slipped us Johnny's résumé, bad breaks and all.

Originally posted May 31, 2006