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Lower City (2006) She says: "I can't stay away from you or him!" And one him or the other says: "You have to decide!" That's the hopeless heart… 2006-06-16 R PT97M Drama Foreign Language Alice Braga Lazaro Ramos Wagner Moura Palm Pictures
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Lower City (2006)

MPAA Rating: R

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Details Limited Release: Jun 16, 2006; Rated: R; Length: 97 Minutes; Genres: Drama, Foreign Language; With: Alice Braga and Lazaro Ramos; Distributor: Palm Pictures

She says: ''I can't stay away from you or him!'' And one him or the other says: ''You have to decide!'' That's the hopeless heart of the matter in Lower City, a pleasurably swollen Brazilian soap opera in which what begins as a sex-for-passage barter between a stripper (slinky Alice Braga, niece of Sonia) and a couple of Brazilian pals who run a transport boat becomes a triangular tangle of sex, love, jealousy, brawling, and more sex. Director Sérgio Machado, who worked as an assistant to Central Station's Walter Salles, lingers sensually over every wrong move his attractive tragic trio make.

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