Woody: The Untold Story

Of course, wiping clean Circle 7's drawing boards doesn't mean the end of Toy Story 3. In May, Iger announced that Pixar would be taking over the sequel. Although the new CEO didn't reveal plot details or a target release date, it's understood that John Lasseter will be the guiding hand behind it. (Rumors have long circulated that Lasseter has a story line in mind that will wrap up the franchise definitively, so no part 4 or beyond.) ''The idea behind [Circle 7] always put a bad taste in our mouths,'' says Andrew Stanton. ''We're glad to have a say again about how our kids will be raised.'' Counters Herzfeld: ''I can understand that. Somebody took their children and dressed them up in clothes they didn't approve of. But it doesn't mean they're bad clothes.''

The Other Story

It will never be in theaters, but here's the plot of Circle 7's TS3 What was in the nixed Toy Story sequel? Don't ask Pixar. ''We purposely didn't look,'' says original TS alum Andrew Stanton. But for the more curious, here's a taste of what would have befallen Buzz, Woody & Co.: A malfunctioning Buzz loses control of his bodily functions — random speech bursts, a hand popping off — and accidentally scratches his kid owner, Andy, with his pointy arm stump. Against Buzz's will, the other toys ship him to Taipei, believing he'll be fixed. But Hamm the pig, working the Internet, discovers that Buzz in fact won't be repaired once he meets his toy-company makers because he's part of a massive recall. So the bedroom gang ship themselves to Taipei too, via faster courier service, hoping to save their pal. Meanwhile, Buzz meets a bunch of caged-up recalled toys, including Cozy Rosey (a tuck-in doll whose heating element catches fire), Jujubee Bee (a Pez knockoff), and a tall action-figure gal with defective gams named Jade — to whom Buzz delivers a punning take on his signature catchphrase: ''To infinity and be-yotch!''

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