NOT-SO-HOT CHICKS? Another week, another Dixie Chicks hubbub. Amid reports of tepid ticket sales down South, the songbirds seemed about to scrap a number of shows on their American tour (this, despite their album Taking the Long Way topping the charts for two weeks). Their publicist denied the rumors, claiming that the concerts were merely being...reshuffled. ''There's great demand in Canada, Europe, and Australia,'' she insists. ''Those dates must be accommodated.''

Kevin Aviance, 38, a gender-bending performer who has worked with Whitney Houston and Madonna, was attacked in Manhattan's East Village on June 10. Four men, ages 16-20, have been charged with first-degree assault for a hate crime. (The suspects' lawyers did not return calls for comment.) Aviance, best known for singing on dance hits such as 2002's ''Alive'' and appearing on TV shows like America's Next Top Model, was treated for injuries including a broken jaw and fractured neck. Says his publicist, who claims Aviance left the hospital on June 12 because of threatening phone calls: ''He's in good condition.... But what's happened to him has just started to sink in.''

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