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Greatest sidekicks ever: Nos. 41-45

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44. Duckie


41. Piglet
Sidekick to: Winnie-the-Pooh
Piglet is timid, skittish, and self-conscious; Pooh's oblivious, adventurous, and rumbly-in-my-tumbly goofy. They were made for each other! The final piece of Pooh's inner trinity (along with Christopher Robin), the little porker is not afraid to pooh-pooh Winnie for being a Silly Old Bear. Still, at the end of the day it's Pooh that Piglet looks to for support:
''Pooh!'' he whispered.
''Yes, Piglet?''
''Nothing,'' said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. ''I just wanted to be sure of you.'' —Allyssa Lee

42. Jeff Green
Sidekick to: Larry David
Would Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry be able to make a complete mess of any awkward situation without his rotund (or, according to Jeff's own potty-mouthed wife, ''fat f--k'') manager/best buddy? Whether helping his nebbish-y client swipe a doll's head from his own daughter or pilfering a 5-wood from a casket, Jeff doesn't just indulge David's paranoid delusions and crazy scams — he enables Larry's entire misanthropic worldview. That is, when he's not allowing Larry's wife Cheryl to ''pop in'' on his fantasies. —Charles Curtis

43. Jimmy Olsen
Sidekick to: Clark Kent/Superman
On the big screen, Daily Planet photographer and cub reporter Jimmy Olsen is relegated to playing Clark's (and Superman's) gee-whiz cheerleader. From 1954-1974, though, Olsen not only merited his own spin-off comic, he often took on temporary superpowers — Elastic Lad! Giant Turtle Boy! — so he could fight alongside the Man of Steel. And then there was the time Superman (as a witch doctor) married Jimmy to ''the female King Kong.'' Is that a sidekick sacrifice or what? — Adam B. Vary

44. Duckie
Sidekick to: Andie
He pesters, he jesters, he lip-syncs to Otis Redding's ''Try a Little Tenderness'' — all in the name of unrequited devotion to social outcast Andie (Molly Ringwald). Never mind that the whiny-but-lovable New Waver receives one of filmdom's cruelest heave-hos — something tells us that when slick Blane eventually dumped Andie (oh, you know it happened), Duckie was right there with an Aqua Net-flecked shoulder to cry on. —Nicholas Fonseca

45. Igor
Sidekick to: Dr. Frankenstein
It's difficult to imagine how Dr. F. got by before he met Igor (who made his debut in 1939's Son of Frankenstein). Who else fuels the boss' God complex? Who else digs up the fresh corpses? Most importantly, who else flips the giant switch? Marty Feldman's bug-eyed hunchback-in-denial brought new life to the mischievous character in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. His loyalty and quick one-liners were nothing short of a good way. —Jeff Labrecque

Originally posted Jul 13, 2006

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