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The Marine (2006)

Image credit: The Marine: Vince Valitutti

Details Release Date: Oct 13, 2006; Rated: PG-13; Length: 91 Minutes; Genre: Action/Adventure; With: John Cena; Distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

John Triton (WWE's John Cena) returns home from Iraq only to have his wife (Nip/Tuck's Kelly Carlson) snatched from under his nose at a gas station (oh, the irony) by a gang leader (Robert Patrick, whose impeccably sinister smirk we remember from Walk the Line). So what's a Marine to do? Semper Fi it up! Cena's Triton — looking like a muscle-bound Matt Damon who ate another Matt Damon for breakfast — snaps back into combat mode to rescue his kidnapped woman, take down a murderous crime syndicate, and avoid being blown up many, many times.

Originally posted Aug 10, 2006

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