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Janet Evanovich recommends a book by Michael Connelly -- The author of ''Twelve Sharp'' tells us why she loves ''The Lincoln Lawyer''

Janet Evanovich recommends a book by Michael Connelly

I chose The Lincoln Lawyer as my beach read this year because I was intrigued by the concept of a lawyer working out of his Lincoln. Okay, and because it was a Michael Connelly book. His voice is consistently engaging, his books have a chilling authenticity, and he has all the cunning, page-turner plotting skills I lack! This courtroom thriller will have a permanent place on my desk, sandwiched between Connelly's The Black Echo, Robert B. Parker's The Godwulf Manuscript, Robert Crais' The Monkey's Raincoat, and Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge story Back to the Klondike (the four books that most inspire me). I loved the color, grit, and intensity of The Lincoln Lawyer, but most of all I loved flawed, tortured Mickey Haller, who was forced to ram his size 12 cynic's feet into size 10 hero shoes.

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