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Fresh Faces: Anika Noni Rose

We talk to one of the stars of ''Dreamgirls''


AGE ''You can ask. I don't tell.''
BIRTHPLACE Connecticut

Because Dreamgirls isn't all about Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson. Rose rounds out the trio as Lorrell, who's in a stormy relationship with Eddie Murphy's James Thunder Early. Rose may be less famous than her fellow Dreamettes, but she's the only one with a Tony on her mantel (for her role as a straight-talking teen in 2003's Caroline, or Change).

''My heels were so high it's ridiculous. Five inches!'' she says. ''I'm 5'2½'' — a lot shorter than Jennifer and Beyoncé. It was that or an apple box, and you can't dance on an apple box.''

Though Rose spent some three months singing ''Let's Hear It for the Boy'' in the cheesefest Footloose (her 2000 Broadway bow), she refuses to rag on it: ''It was a family show. Kids loved it.'' Same goes for her big-screen debut, 2003's beach-blanket belly flop From Justin to Kelly: ''There was a market for that movie. But when I went to see it there were 12 people in the theater, including myself.''

Playing ''the whore with the heart of gold'' opposite Dylan Walsh in the just-wrapped flick One Part Sugar.

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