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What I Would Do: Lindsay Sloane

The ''Entourage'' list girl doesn't have a real life list -- Lindsay Sloane says she burned hers long ago

After meeting Vince in a bookstore and seducing him in a fitting room on the Aug. 13 episode of Entourage, Sloane's character reveals she keeps The List: a tally of potential celebrity romps sanctioned by her fiancé. (Vince, check!) But when Sloane got married in real life, she and her husband had ''the ceremonial burning of The List,'' recalls the 29-year-old. ''It was a lot of comedians: Jon Stewart, Jack Black, Ben Stiller.'' Of course, working in the business made maintaining such a record extra dicey. ''Albert Brooks was on it. Then he played my dad [in The In-Laws], so that just got into creepy territory.''

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