Commando Performance

John Travolta, Swordfish
Image credit: Swordfish: Andrew Cooper

JOHNNY DEPTH Travolta carries the big guns to Berry's big -- oh, never mind -- in Joel Silver's ''Swordfish''

Yet Berry insists that ''Swordfish'' is not a misogynistic movie. ''I think [my character] is as strong and as intelligent as the men are. She has a secret weapon that they don't have -- every woman does.'' Besides, Berry says, the male characters -- thugs, criminals, terrorists -- are hardly paragons: ''Some of the men are just shady characters killing people. Are they any better than the woman doing the blow job?''

Even without bare bosoms and sex acts, the movie would still have earned a solid R rating. But Jonathan D. Krane, one of the film's producers, argues that ''Swordfish'' -- whose villain is a politically motivated terrorist -- actually contains NO gratuitous violence. ''Every violent act has a purpose that connects with the thematic underpinnings, which is patriotism. My wife asked me if we should let our two children see it. And I said yes, I want the kids to see it. They see violent stuff anyway. At least I can tell them about the themes in this: patriotism and terrorism.'' And maybe he'll have time as soon as they stop asking, ''Daddy, what was that lady doing to Wolverine?''

Originally posted Jun 08, 2001

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