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My Favorite Scene: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria's favorite scene from season two -- The ''Desperate Housewives'' star loved slapping a nun

It's a feeling we've all experienced — the overwhelming urge to...slap a nun? Tucked into Desperate Housewives' uneven second season (now on DVD) was a wildly uneven catfight between Eva Longoria's Gabrielle and Melinda Page Hamilton's Sister Mary Bernard. (C'mon: Did you ever doubt Gaby would prevail?) Turns out it was as fun to film as it was to watch. ''It was really physical and funny, seeing me on the ground, choking her,'' says Longoria. ''It took all day to shoot, and the [nun's sleeve] caught fire.'' Don't worry: With a stuntwoman on hand, no nuns were harmed in the making of this scuffle.

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