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Who will sew their way to the final runway show at New York's Olympus Fashion Week? See who we think will make it to the end on ''Project Runway''

Our picks:

Michael Knight
The soft-spoken Atlanta resident (and the least histrionic Runway contestant ever) wowed the judges with his fierce magenta ''Pam Grier'' hot-pants ensemble. His creations are stylish, modern, and expertly constructed.

Kayne Gillaspie
A self-described ''pageant queen'' from Oklahoma, he took top marks with his Miss USA gown. Yes, he tanked in the recycling challenge, but if he can find the right balance between taste and glitz, he'll make the cut.

Uli Herzner
This Teutonic dark horse knows from Roberto Cavalli and can layer swaths of patterned chiffon to prove it. She rarely deviates from her diaphanous designs, but so far, it's kept her in the race.

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