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Phantom (2006)


Details Opening Date: Sep 11, 2006; Lead Performances: Brent Barrett, Sierra Boggess, Anthony Crivello and Elizabeth Loyacano; Writer: Richard Stilgoe; Director: Harold Prince

...of the Opera is gone, replaced by Las Vegas Spectacular as a subtitle, which can only mean...even grander and looser lighting fixtures. When that chandelier appears, it's like Close Encounters: Live!, and the inevitable crash is the near-death experience any orchestra-seater could hope for. Even Phanatics might have trouble picking out trims in this 95-minute abridgment, and getting through the gothy hokum faster ain't bad. But the cast is caught in a sprint, and one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's better scores, Phantom, like the dude under the mask, wants a bit more breathing room.

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