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Brazil (2006)


Details Release Date: Sep 05, 2006; DVD Release Date: Sep 05, 2006; Movie Rated: R; Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy; With: Robert De Niro and Jonathan Pryce

Drowning in an Orwellian nightmare of wanton wiretapping and illogical carnage, a bumbling bureaucrat (Jonathan Pryce) seeks salvation through a dream girl (Kim Greist) and a repairman moonlighting as a terrorist (Robert De Niro at his oddest). Terry Gilliam's quirky cult satire Brazil has been on DVD before, but not in this luminous new Criterion transfer. Earlier editions look feebly grainy compared with the rhapsodic blues and lambent grays here. EXTRAS include a 10-year-old director's track, and the studio's sunnier, shorter cut.

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