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The Bachelor: Rome

(ABC) 9-10PM Starts Oct. 2

Is reality guru/producer Mike Fleiss stoked for the new Rome-set season and his new Bachelor pick? ''F---, yeah! He's a f---in' prince, man!'' No, really: ''I mean, what are the odds of deciding to shoot in Rome and then finding a legitimate Italian prince? And not a douche-baggy prince — you know, like the bad princes who talk about their princeliness and wear the family crest.... This is a good-looking rich guy who happens to be an Italian prince.'' And the women? ''Usually eight of them are like, 'Eh, he's not really my type.' But this time all the girls know who he is and they're all in it to win it.'' So, Mike, what's the secret to good reality TV? ''It's a lot of fun to watch girls crying. Never underestimate the value of that.'' Check. Oh, and he's also really trying to ''wrangle the Pope'' for a cameo: ''I've heard he's a fan.'' Fleiss, you are an EW dream come true.

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