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Snoop Dogg and more are slated to make guest appearances on shows like ''Weeds'' and ''Smallville''

SNOOP DOGG (Weeds, Oct. 2)
A match made in stoner heaven: hip-hop's most herb-friendly canine and cable's most pot-tastic dramedy. Snoop appears as a client of suburban mom-slash-dealer Mary-Louise Parker.

The actor, daddy, and aspiring rapper takes on the role of an authority-flouting troublemaker whose shenanigans may put him on the wrong side of the law. Method!

ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS (Smallville, Oct. 12)
The rockers play at a benefit thrown by Lex Luthor, thus empirically proving that the show's star Tom Welling and AAR frontman Tyson Ritter are not, indeed, the same person.

In a three-episode arc, the singer appears as the lesbian love interest of Dr. Liz Cruz (Roma Maffia). Who needs a jagged little pill when you've got access to sweet surgical meds?

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