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A few of Lupe Fiasco's favorite things

We dissect the cover of his debut album, ''Food and Liquor''

The artwork for Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor shows him floating in a seemingly random array of junk. But every object was carefully chosen. ''All of that is out of my book bag,'' says the Chicago rapper. ''It's the stuff I carry around every day.''

BANKSY POSTCARD ''I'm a huge fan of this English artist Banksy. He's very political and does cool social commentary; he's a visual genius. I got this at a show of his in London. I tried to get him to do the album cover, but I could never find him.''

NINTENDO DS ''I'm a huge Nintendo fan. My handle on my BlackBerry is 'Game Boy Advance.' I always carry two of them with me.''

SKETCHBOOK ''It's from a company called Philosophy, out of Japan. The book is like a diary, where I design clothes and fashion and stuff. I have a few rhymes in there, too.''

KORAN ''That's the Koran that I got from my father. It's really beaten up because I've taken it around the world. It's been through a lot.''

DOLL ''I collect toys, and my friend Shawn Smith, [who] has a company called Shawnimals that makes plush toys, made me a special, small pocket ninja. I always have it with me, hanging from my belt.''

ROBOT ''I have some friends from Singapore who have a company called LMAC. It started as a toy company, then a fashion company. That was the first toy they made...the zombie.''

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