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The 10 hottest topics for the week of November 10, 2006

1 Bob Saget's Farce of the Penguins goes straight to video I just don't understand this business anymore.

2 Elvira celebrates 25 years in show business Congrats, Elvira, on a quarter century of putting the ''boo'' in ''boobs.''

3 Fox News chief vows to cover end of world ...and is doing everything he can to bring it about by sweeps.

4 Vaughniston reunites And what better place for a romantic reunion than sleepy, tabloid-free London.

5 Dumbstruck Dilbert cartoonist regains voice His first words were ''I guess my voice got...downsized!'' This was immediately put on a mug and sold.

6 Weinsteins say NBC and The CW quashed Dixie Chicks ads NBC's one thing, but...quashed by The CW? That's like getting fatwa'd by Liechtenstein.

7 Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh wonders if she gives off a girl-on-girl vibe Tom Sizemore wonders the same thing, and will fund some research on the subject.

8 Axl Rose says he barely remembers riding mechanical bull in Miami ''Oh, but I remember, Axl,'' said the bull through a spokesperson. ''I have your half-mechanical-bull son here to remind me!''

9 Kirk Douglas regrets things he shot, mounted The stuffed Tony Curtis over the mantel is a particular embarrassment.

10 Kenny G named best musical golfer His only real handicap is that he's Kenny G.

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