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Scott Brown's Hit List

The 10 hottest topics for the week of December 1, 2006

1 Carrie Fisher stars in one-woman show Wishful Drinking They got any 12-step programs for the prevention of one-person shows?

2 Frank Capra wanted sequel to It's a Wonderful Life '2 Wonderful 4 Life: The Legend of Clarence's Gold' was originally conceived as the second of a trilogy.

3 Tina Fey confirms Paris Hilton is ''a piece of s ---'' With that settled, we can move on.

4 George Clooney calls Matt Damon ''Sexiest'' ''No, no, good sir,'' demurs Damon, ''YOU are the sexiest.'' ''No, YOU!'' ''No, YOU!'' And so on and so forth, until I set them both on fire.

5 Etiquette coach wants Borat investigated She's starting to suspect he's not a real Kazakh journalist.

6 Tony Danza on Broadway! Well, Broadway and Canal. He'll be selling pirated copies of 'Who's the Boss?' outside a bodega.

7 Man shot waiting in line for PlayStation 3 The gameplay really is quite realistic.

8 Everyone compliments new Bond's physique Everyone except Timothy Dalton, who's like, ''It's fine, okay? It's...fine.''

9 Snoop prepares for championship game of his peewee football league Maybe I'm overreacting, but I think Snoop has an unfair advantage.

10 Angelina Jolie bodyguards accused of roughing up Indian kids Several have been charged with resisting adoption.

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