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Transformers: The Movie (2006)


Details Release Date: Nov 07, 2006; DVD Release Date: Nov 07, 2006; Movie Rated: PG; Genre: Animation; With: Norman Alden and Jack Angel

This robot saga is Welles' last film — and it's no Citizen Kane. (Welles voices a sentient planet.) The plot? The Decepticons seek to destroy the virtuous Autobots. Punctuated with awful hard-rock songs (notably ''The Touch,'' covered by Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights), this adaptation of the old TV cartoon is more pop-cult fromage than filmmaking.

EXTRAS include commentaries, a pop-up-video track, and a peek at 2007's CG/live-action Transformers movie.

For nerds: B+
For civilians: C

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