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8 things you don't know about Eric Dane

McSteamy is married to ''90210'' alum Rebecca Gayheart

1 Dane, 34, says he and costar Patrick Dempsey rib each other about their studliness: ''I'm curious when his pomade commercial is coming out; he's curious about my Bed Bath & Beyond campaign.''

2 The San Francisco native picked up acting from a high school drama class. ''I knew the girl who was checking attendance, so I [figured] I wouldn't have to attend. But I got roped into a play and ended up loving it.''

3 As a teen, he also played water polo, which came in handy for his role as another ''arrogant prick,'' the lead in Open Water 2: Adrift (out Feb. 20 on DVD). ''We were in the water for 40 days, five hours a day — it was nuts!''

4 Like his Grey's alter ego Dr. Mark Sloan, Dane ''shoots from the hip,'' adding: ''I tend to be very honest, which can be misconstrued as abrasive. The truth can be at times.''

5 Unlike Dr. Sloan, ''I'm definitely not a philandering womanizer.''

6 He's been married to Beverly Hills, 90210 star Rebecca Gayheart, 35, since 2004. ''She needs to call me McSteamy at least three times a week for things to run smoothly,'' he jokes.

7 His SAG Award (Grey's Anatomy won for best ensemble) is currently ''sitting by the fireplace.'' However, ''my wife's redecorating the house, so it may not stay there for long!''

8 Dane himself doesn't have a nickname, ''probably because I never joined a fraternity. I'm going back to college so I can get one,'' he kids. ''[Hopefully] something like 'Deuce' — something real tough.''

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