The Strange and Twisted Tale of...The Movie That Grossed $30.00

The Low Country
According to Exhibitor Relations and Media By Numbers, these movies ranked among the bottom grossers before Zyzzyx Road came along. We're sure they've all got their own strange release tales to tell, but in the meantime, at least their plots are intriguing. — Michelle Kung

Sweet Jane
STARRING: Samantha Mathis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
PLOT: See Jane overdose. See Jane learn she's HIV-positive. See Jane bond with a teen who's terminally ill with AIDS.

States of Control
STARRING: Jennifer Van Dyck, Stephen Bogardus
DIRECTED BY: Zachary Winestine
PLOT: A listless wife ponders the meaning of life, love, and her personal issues.

The Jimmy Show
STARRING: Frank Whaley, Carla Gugino, Ethan Hawke
DIRECTED BY: Frank Whaley
PLOT: Paper, plastic, or punchlines? A bored grocery store clerk seeks solace in stand-up comedy.

The Dark Hours
STARRING: Kate Greenhouse, Aidan Devine, Gordon Currie
PLOT: This Canadian horror flick pits a violent sex-offender against his ex-psychiatrist and her family.

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