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8 things you don't know about Robin Thicke

The blue-eyed soul man once penned hits for Brandy

1 ''Lost Without U'' has been the No. 1 Urban AC song since January. Thicke, 29, is the first white male to top that chart since Jon B. in 1995.

2 Yes, Growing Pains' Alan Thicke is his dad — but don't forget that soap star (Days of Our Lives) and singer Gloria Loring (''Friends & Lovers'') is his mom. Or, do forget it. ''If people know your parents before they know you, they might not give you the same shot on the first date.''

3 Like his folks, Thicke married a star: He and actress Paula Patton (Déjà Vu) met in high school and have been together 13 years. ''But we weren't celebrities when we got married!''

4 He's overcome jealousy. ''You learn that your wife's body and soul are different things, and she might have to share her body [filming love scenes], but she won't give her soul away.''

5 Now she'll have to accept the sex symbol thing. ''There are bras and panties on stage already. But I'm accustomed to saying 'I'm married — hands off.'''

6 At 16, he crafted songs for Brandy. So, did that pay for keyboards? ''Well, more lap dances than keyboards.''

7 On his 2003 debut CD, he was billed simply as ''Thicke'' — perhaps because of his Thicke mane. ''But I was not comfortable with long hair. It felt like I was playing a role in a movie.''

8 The Evolution of Robin Thicke was ready for release, then delayed eight months. ''I thought [the label] had given up on me. But every time there was a roadblock, I would write a song about it. And those are the songs that are touching people the most.''

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