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A Lil' Chat With Lil' Kim

The rap diva talks about being a judge on The CW's new show ''The Search for the Next Doll''

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Throughout her career, rapper Lil' Kim has faced criticism for her über-raunchy lyrics. Now the petite MC is turning the tables and doling out the critiques. ''This is right up my alley,'' says Kim, 31, who proves a blunt but fair judge on The CW's reality competition The Search for the Next Doll (debuting March 6 at 9 p.m.). ''I think [the producers] kind of know that I was born a Pussycat Doll'' — so who better to help find the band's newest member? ''I know for a fact I paved the way,'' she says. ''At the end of the day I proved that sex sells.''

Doll is the Brooklyn native's first major venture since her 2005 incarceration for perjury. Kim refuses to discuss that tumultuous time; instead she focuses on the future. And yet, she's coy about even that, revealing only that her clothing line, 24-7 Star, will bow this year. So...might she team up with pal Marc Jacobs in the name of fashion? ''I don't really discuss much business with him,'' she says. ''Marc is my friend. I can sit on the sofa and eat strawberries and watch movies with him.'' Now, there's an idea for a reality show!

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