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Hot Fuzz (2007)

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Hot Fuzz, Nick Frost, ... | NICK FROST (LEFT) AND PEGG
Image credit: Hot Fuzz: Matt Nettheim

Details Limited Release: Apr 20, 2007; Rated: R; Length: 121 Minutes; Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy; With: Nick Frost and Simon Pegg; Distributor: Rogue Pictures

Simon Pegg + dead people = good times. In the 2004 horror comedy Shaun of the Dead, Pegg took on an army of zombies. Here, reunited with that film's creative team, he plays a hard-charging London cop who gets reassigned to a sleepy English village that seems devoid of crime — until bodies begin popping up. Gun-based hilarity ensues. (April 13)

Originally posted Mar 02, 2007