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The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

MOVIES + Pirates of the Caribbean's Keira Knightley will hop aboard the 1:30 Train in a drama directed by Joel Schumacher (The Number 23) about a woman ''racing to catch the last train out of New York City to Boston,'' says producer Howard Baldwin (Ray). (So that's 1:30 a.m., gotcha.) ''She misses the train, she's been robbed, she has nothing — so now what do you do? The whole story is a journey through New York City that night.''

+ Tulia, that long-percolating Halle Berry project about a bogus drug bust in the town of Tulia, Tex., will likely start shooting come May. Explains director Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress): ''In 1999, 46 people [were] accused of being drug dealers [by] one drug task-force officer with no corroborating evidence. Based upon his testimony alone, people were sent to prison for 22 to 320 years.'' Berry, also a producer on the film, will play the NAACP lawyer who worked to free the wrongfully convicted. — Additional reporting by Vanessa Juarez

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