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What if presidential candidates had their own shows? -- What TV would look like if Hillary and Obama followed Fred Thompson’s lead

What if presidential candidates had their own shows?

If actor-turned-senator-turned-actor Fred Thompson enters the presidential race, NBC will have to yank his episodes of Law & Order due to the equal-time law. Or the network could give his rivals their own shows. Guess which option we're more excited about.

He has a list of donors, and one by one he's...meeting them. Look for a corn-based ethanol subplot during sweeps. Fall's most buzzed-about new series, Obama is the show critics are calling ''clean'' and ''articulate,'' shortly before they're fired.

Aaron Sorkin's ambitious children's program about a pair of squabbling puppets who flat-out refuse to get out of Iraq. (Although realistically, we're probably looking at another five years or so on this one.)

In this Roseanne-style laffer, Hillary plays a Chappaqua housewife just trying to get a break. Sample plot: Wacky neighbor David Geffen is causing trouble again, and Chelsea brings home a Young Republican. Catchphrase: ''Biiiiiiilllllll!''

The clock is ticking, terrorists and ex-wives are running amok, and somebody's gonna get a beating. It's a suspenseful and confusing hour of nonstop national security. Also starring John Edwards: America's Mayor meets America's Hair!

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