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Checking in with the ''Project Greenlight'' alums

Checking in with the ''Project Greenlight'' alums – What Ben Affleck and others have been up to since the reality show ended

Director, Season 1
Plucked from obscurity to helm Stolen Summer, Jones appeared to have landed back there after Summerbombed and his sophomore movie, 2004's Outing Riley, failed too. However, the director has penned a comedy, Hall Pass, which Fox optioned for the Farrelly brothers.

Directors, Season 2
Though their Shia LaBeouf-starring Greenlight film, The Battle of Shaker Heights, was another audience-repeller, they still work together and are prepping a horror-comedy in sunny Bulgaria (seriously, it can get quite nice this time of year).

Director, Season 3
Morose Gulager had few reasons to be cheerful when his Greenlight monsterfest Feast was barely released. But the director has been busy writing a road movie — and less busy getting paid for not directing a film that never got made. A Feast sequel is also in the works.

Executive Producer, Seasons 1 -- 3
After exec-producing 2005's Waiting, the voluble Moore has been learning how easy it is (or is not) to be the man shouting ''Action!'' His directorial debut, a Taryn Manning-starring horror flick named The Last Resort, is scheduled for release on Aug. 7.

Executive Producer, Seasons 1 -- 3
After Greenlight — and his simultaneous acting-career collapse — Affleck earned good reviews for Hollywoodland. Otherwise, he's been little seen: Unlike the Greenlight movies, his 2006 film Man About Town wasn't released in U.S. theaters at all.

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