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Five Fun Things Online: June 15, 2007

''Knocked Up'', TV Watches, the Tony Awards, and more

1. Hot Summer Movies
Log on for extended online-only extras from Knocked Up (a Q&A with Seth Rogen, a Katherine Heigl photo gallery), plus more about all of the season's biggest flicks. Check out our Summer Movie Guide.

2. This Summer's Best Music
Listen up: Whether you're a fan of Paul McCartney or Big & Rich, Velvet Revolver or Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna or Nelly, you'll lurve our Summer Music Preview.

3. More TV Watches
Join the conversations about Rescue Me, Top Chef, and your other favorite summer TV shows.

4. News — It's Got 'EW' Right in It!
You can't spell news without EW. (Nooze?) From Mike Bruno's early-morning roundup of the top stories in the trades to the riffs and musings on PopWatch, we bring news all day.

5. On Broadway
Take another look at the Hollywood A-listers who have graced the Great White Way in recent years, and check out our coverage of this year's Tony Awards.

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