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Takin' It To The Sheets

A music-video history of the pop diva's mattress moments

''4 IN THE MORNING'' (2007)
Plagued by insomnia, she cries, ''Stay up till four in the morning and the tears are pouring.'' Nobody likes a wet bed, Gwen.

''WIND IT UP'' (2006)
The Sound of Music superfan samples the film's yodels and pays homage to its ''My Favorite Things'' nighttime scene.

''COOL'' (2005)
A platinum siren in pinup-girl shorts and blood-red lips, she writhes on a gold satin coverlet. More hot than ''Cool,'' don't you think?

The singer begins this No Doubt clip as a vixen in her bordello-like boudoir, but ends it sweetly on clean, white linens.

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