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Quirky author photos

Quirky author photos -- Dan Matthews, Tim Dorsey, and Jeffrey Deaver tell us about their odd pics

The rabble-rousing senior VP of animal rights group PETA explains that this photo (of Matthews in a rabbit costume) parodies '' an astronaut publicity shot where they're standing in space suits, helmets at their sides, looking bravely into the horizon.''

Hurricane Punch
''I wanted to make it look like cheesy Florida,'' says Dorsey, whose novels are all set in the Sunshine State. In the photo, Dorsey's shirt is a nod to the Hawaiian tops he dons at book signings. The alligator, alas, had to be Photoshopped in.

The Sleeping Doll
''Every place I go, people pull out their own dog pictures,'' says Deaver, here posing with Carly, one of his 13 dogs. Chance, another of his briards, won Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show last February.

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