Who Was I Then: David Duchovny

The former Fox Mulder looks back on his ''X-Files'' days

''I understand that guy. I understand what he's going through. Sometimes we'll be flipping channels late at night, and my wife always wants to stop on an X-Files episode. And she'll say, 'I haven't seen this one!' and I'll say, 'You've seen them all!' And she'll say to me, 'But look at your hair!' and we'll laugh at my hair for a while, and then I'll just say, 'Oh, that guy. That guy is just barely hangin' on.' And she'll say, 'No, he's cute!' and I'll say, 'He's barely hanging on.' [But] I think your work can be great when you're completely terrified and don't know at all what you're doing. Took me seven, eight years to figure it out — I'm a slow learner. Acting to me now is interesting because I feel like I've achieved a base level of brutal competence.''

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