My Favorite Scene: Allison Janney

The ''Hairspray'' star enjoyed tying up Amanda Bynes


My Favorite Scene: Allison Janney

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''One of my favorite scenes is in Hairspray, where I say, 'Devil child! Devil child!' when I shake the holy water at my daughter [Amanda Bynes] because she has been harboring Tracy in our basement locker. We had tried several different lines and it was totally an ad-lib that Adam [Shankman, the director] loved. As soon as I said it, I thought it'd be an extra-special touch to use one of those things that priests use to shake the holy water out on someone. When you are in small parts like this, you have to do something to stand out. I am competing with John Travolta in a dress and a female fat suit — I had to do something.''

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