'Lost': Five Fresh Faces

I have no corroboration for this, because I'm a crappy-ass reporter. However, according to what I've read on the Web, the casting-call description for the character that you've allegedly cast Lance for — this ''ruthless corporate recruiter'' — is pretty similar to the one you reportedly used to cast Richard Alpert, the character played last season by Nestor Carbonell, who is now a series regular on the new CBS drama Cane. This had led many to wonder if Lance is essentially filling the void left by Nestor. True?
Around here at the Lost offices, ''corporate recruiter'' means something entirely different than corporate recruiter. Let's just say that part of the character's skill set is coercion. If people are reading into that that he is an Other, or has the same job as Alpert, we would encourage that speculation, but we wouldn't confirm or deny it.

Okay. How about Rebecca Mader? I have to admit, my pop culture ignorance is such that I have no idea who this person is. Who is she, and why did you like her?
CC: She is a beautiful young British actress. We auditioned actors for this part, but she won us over with her charm and presence and charisma. People compare her to a young Nicole Kidman — she has that strength, beauty, effervescence, and accessibility.
DL: What was really cool about Rebecca's [audition] read was, she did it on tape, but the producer who was with her asked her, ''All these things on your résumé are from the BBC — are you British?'' She said yes, and we asked her to read it again, this time as a Brit, and it opened up another dimension we hadn't foreseen. Now she's English.

So her Lost character is English?
DL: Now she is.

Jeremy Davies. Why?
CC: He's one of those incredible opportunities. He's a guy who only does movies, and for him to do a part in our series, it was exciting. He's one of our favorite character actors — a complete chameleon. We both really responded to what he did in Solaris; the way he spun that character was engaging.
DL: He's a real actor's actor — there's an intelligence you glean from this guy. He's usually the smartest guy in the room in any part he plays — that transformative quality, plus the tremendous intelligence that seems to emanate from him, sort of seemed perfect for this particular character.

Finally, Jeff Fahey. Why him?
CC: The Lawnmower Man and The Marshall [a 1995 TV series starring Fahey] are personal faves. And he has the most intense eyes of any guy out there, and I say that as a non-gay man.
DL: Fahey is one of those actors who feels like he fits into the Lost model: He's enormously talented and will be vaguely recognizable to some people, but he'll be able to land on our island without most people going, 'Oh, I know who that guy is.' And especially for the part we cast him for, he has exactly the right sensibilities. He's got a very interesting personal life. He's not a professional actor, per se. He acts, but he has a whole other ballgame going on.

What kind of other thing?
CC: He's been running an orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Are you kidding?
CC and DL: No.
DL: When Carlton called him to offer him the part—
CC: —he was in Caracas, Venezuela, using the same model to set up an orphanage there.

Amazing. Something to follow up on. On a slightly more superficial front, the most recent pics of Fahey have him sporting a very bushy beard. Are you going to have him shave?
CC: Honestly, we don't know. We're meeting him for lunch this week, and our understanding is that yes, he has a beard. But we have no idea if the beard is on the table — and frankly, I want to see it. Because given the character we have in mind for him, a beard just might work.

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