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Whether The Simpsons is as consistently side-splitting as it used to be (FYI, it's not), the comedy — now in it's 3,472nd season — is still capable of short bursts of genius. And many of them are collected on the show's latest musical collection, The Simpsons Testify. Listening to the CD reminds you what made you fall in love with the show in the first place: the random cameos (David Byrne to Weird Al Yankovic), pop-culture parodies (''Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl''), and knowing, self-deprecating humor (''They'll Never Stop the Simpsons''). My personal favorite is ''Ode to Branson,'' which pays tribute to all the washed-up celebrities of yesteryear (Charo, Mr. T, the ''you can call me Ray'' guy) who keep on keepin' on by performing menopause matinees in Missouri. (Any song that name-checks Adrian Zmed is good by me.) So even if the show is no longer appointment viewing in your house, this CD (which contains songs from the show's past nine seasons) definitely warrants another trip to Springfield.

You're just a click away from this week's video — my top 5 moments from Sunday's Emmys.

So, as always, I was completely out of sync with Emmy voters. Only 3 of my 11 preferred winners actually took home trophies. But one reader is still pissed off about my missive on Emmy snubs. Tommy Shi, take it away!

By now your love for The Wire is quite clear, but despite what you insist on saying about it being overlooked time and time again, the show is far from perfect. As someone who's watched the show the past couple of seasons, I'll be the first one to say that you're without a doubt blind to its obvious faults, not the least of which being its inability to separate ''scripted drama'' from ''real life,'' which for most of us (and probably Emmy voters as well) is a very annoying aspect of the show that often times becomes ''too real'' for its own good and doesn't even feel like a piece of entertainment, of television. Furthermore, in your quest to ''correct the injustice'' by giving focus to what are obviously YOUR favorite shows, you had the nerve to discredit Kiefer Sutherland's continuing and amazing work as one of the greatest fictional characters in television history. It's no secret that last season 24 was not at its overall best, but guess what? Even at its worst, the show still surpasses almost every else that's on TV. Most fans understand that; you obviously don't. ''Shockingly sucky season of 24'' translates to ''still f***ing better than 90% of everything else that's on the tube.'' I was still reading after your umpteenth time of praising The Wire, but after that disgusting comment about Kiefer Sutherland, I pretty much lost interest in anything else you had to say. —Tommy Shi

So, what are you saying, Tommy — that we should honor Kiefer for what even you admit was not a great season? I don't get it. I, like you, am a 24 fan, but this was a bad, bad season. One of my pet peeves is when the Emmys just let a show (or actor) coast on reputation. Hopefully, 24 will be back better than ever, but last season was lame. As for The Wire, obviously a lot of people share the same opinion as you, seeing as how basically nobody watches it. Me? I dig it. And seeing as how I was doing a column about shows I dig, I put it in there. That was kinda the purpose of the whole thing. Anyway, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

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