'Star Trek: The Next Generation': The Top 10 Episodes

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LOG ENTRY Picard is unstuck in time. He finds himself, alternately, on his first mission as the captain of the Enterprise, on his ship as he currently knows it, and 25 years in the future, as a retired Federation ambassador. In all three time periods, Picard must convince his shipmates that he's not insane while solving the mystery of the spatial anomaly that unites all three eras — and may threaten the existence of humanity. Romances are kindled, old friends return, Q stirs up trouble, and Riker (Admiral Riker) finally gets to call the Enterprise his own.

CRITIQUE There's no way to end a series like this and please everyone. But this two-hour finale comes close. Despite all the scientific mumbo jumbo, it delivers a satisfying, fittingly emotional resolution.

TRIVIA In the timeline of the show, and the Next Generation films, Picard is the only main character who's never received a promotion. He began his voyages as a captain, and ended them as a captain. — Marc Bernardin

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