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Tyler Labine's familiar role -- The ''Reaper'' actor recalls playing a buffoonish sidekick in three other sci-fi series

Tyler Labine's familiar role

Name: Bert ''Sock'' Wysocki
The Role: The reaper's loose-cannon pal and accomplice.
Memorable Moment: In the pilot, Sock slams a hyperactive dog with a car door...just for fun.
His Take: [That scene] has no merit except it gives you a super-big glimpse into the character. He's just impulsive. I'm definitely not advocating cruelty to animals!''

Name: Dave Groves
The Role: A beer-swilling slob with a heart of gold.
Memorable Moment: Labine once passed gas loudly while cameras rolled. Surprisingly, the stinky scene made it on air.
His Take: ''From then on, no one talked about my cool character arc or my nuanced performance. It's like, 'You're the guy who let it rip!'''

Name: Scotty Sallback
The Role: A flaky drummer who, with the aid of his bandmates, helps souls escape purgatory. (Honest, we're not making this stuff up.)
Memorable Moment: Attempting to perform an emergency appendectomy on his band's manager.
His Take: ''Scotty was a wild card. I mean, who gave him a scalpel? But he brought levity.''

Name: Donnie Pinkus
The Role: A thirtysomething boob whose friend time-travels back to high school.
Memorable Moment: Donnie tries to time-travel too, by dunking his Walkman in a hot tub.
His Take: ''There wasn't much thought required [for the role]. In that scene, my dopey character just ended up getting electrocuted. He was completely hapless.''

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