Jorja Fox: Why I Quit 'CSI'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Fans will surely be disappointed. You're leaving during a key development in the Gil-Sara relationship: He proposes marriage!
JORJA FOX: One of Sara's biggest hopes was that her hiring seven years ago would lead to a very significant, stable relationship with Gil [William Petersen]. So it is rather ironic that Sara should finally get this proposal and we find later in the season that she would be disappearing from CSI.

So, what happens to Sara in that final episode?
The stakes will be very high. It required me to go deeper than I ever have. It was an emotional episode for everyone, certainly for me. I've been exhausted since before the premiere, in such an odd way. There has been an incredible outpouring of support from my fans — and confusion. Because I think a lot of the fans believe this is a contractual issue and has something to do with money.

Is Sara's departure written in a way that she could return later?
Let's just say if there is an opportunity to guest-star, I'd be thrilled. It would be impossible to say definitely one way or another because the writers are still making that stuff up. I would never rule anything out. But I'm not trying to lead anybody on, either.

Can you see yourself taking a series-regular role on another show?
Absolutely not. If I'm going to be on a TV show right now, it should be CSI. I think I'll give it some time before I even entertain ideas of doing a different show.

What are you going to do now?
I might buy a ticket for around the world. It's also summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so I might take a surf trip. I forgot to have kids! And there are several projects of my own that I'm excited about.

What were your final days like on the CSI set?
I definitely took a final look around. I kissed a lot of people and things, though we do so many gross things on the set, it's not the first place you want to put your lips.

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