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If the strike goes on, here's how many new episodes of 10 top series will be ready for broadcast after Nov. 9:

Brothers & Sisters: 6 new episodes
Dirty Sexy Money: 6 episodes
Lost: 8 episodes

Chuck: 6 episodes
Heroes: 4 episodes
The Office" 2-3 half-hour episodes

House: 5-6 episodes
The Simpsons: 17 episodes

Criminal Minds: 6 episodes

Gossip Girl: 6 episodes

Who gets ahead and who gets the shaft, thanks to the strike

WINNER: Reality fans
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad? Bring it on.
LOSER: Frosh shows
Bionic Woman, look out! A winter sabbatical could kill new series that have lured only middling ratings this fall.

WINNER: The blogosphere
The unhappiest place on earth will receive an influx of unemployed screed-slingers. At least this batch respects the grammar gods.
LOSER: Authors of political books
Where will they shill their doorstopping opuses if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert stay off the air?

WINNER: Kinko's
Picket signs, résumés cranked out at an all-time high.
LOSER: Kleenex No soaps = fewer tears.

WINNER: L.A. Galaxy
Scribes discover L.A. has a pro soccer team...with David Beckham!
LOSER: L.A. working class
Costumers, drivers, caterers, set designers, and others cool their heels as production halts.

WINNER: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii
The holiday exodus starts a month earlier this year.
LOSER: Starbucks No more writers pulling all-nighters.

The chances for a Hollywood comeback increase 10,000-fold with new demand for cross-dressing reality dating shows.
LOSER: Ron Paul The chances for a come-from-way-behind Republican nomination decrease 10,000-fold as HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher goes dark.

(Additional reporting by Jennifer Armstrong, Jeff Jensen, Vanessa Juarez, Jeff Labrecque, Lynette Rice, Josh Rottenberg, Dan Snierson, Nicole Sperling, Christine Spines, and Adam B. Vary)

For the latest strike news, go to's Hollywood Insider blog. And check out the revealing diary of a picketing TV writer.

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