''Terminator'' Secrets Revealed!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: All right, easier question: Why Christian Bale for John Connor?
DEREK ANDERSON: Well, he's a brilliant actor, clearly.
VICTOR KUBICEK: Absolutely, and I think even more, like I said, this is kind of a messianic figure, somebody who's really complex and unlike a robot. There's this intense humanity. We feel like he really possesses that.
ANDERSON: He does have that incredible range. He can be that physical active guy that also has a lot of heart. The audience needs to empathize with him. There's probably not any better actor for that role.

Will Schwarzenegger be returning in any form?
KUBICEK: He may make a cameo.
ANDERSON: It still hasn't been determined, but if he does, it would be a very small cameo.

That's a tricky thing, because at this point, you don't want his presence to be a distraction, right?
KUBICEK: That's sort of how we feel, though you can't divorce him from this franchise. He's a huge supporter of it, and he's very excited about what we're doing. It's for no lack of enthusiasm that we wouldn't bring him back. But I think we agree with you. This is about the future of the franchise, and we're really excited to bring in all new elements, while still maintaining the core mythology.

Terminator fans seem to be pretty supportive of the casting of Bale. They're a little more skeptical about McG.
ANDERSON: People can only speak to the body of work that they've seen of his [including Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall]. Some people love it and some people don't. I think one of the things that we're certain of is, this is gonna be the next step in his career as a filmmaker. He's bringing all of his past experience and his amazing vision.
KUBICEK: McG is a huge Terminator fan. He is as excited as we are about bringing the franchise into the future. And again, Christian is such a committed, incredible actor. He doesn't choose the roles he takes lightly. So I think that's an endorsement of the script and certainly of McG. Somebody like Christian wouldn't have signed on for a project if he didn't feel he was in great hands with his director.

Is it odd that Bale will be starring in two iconic, tentpole movies for Warner Bros.?
KUBICEK: No, we're not really daunted by that because they're such different movies. This character is unlike anything anyone will see in a Batman picture.
ANDERSON: I don't think there's going to be anyone watching Salvation, saying, ''Oh, there's Batman!'' Because Christian does so inhabit the role. And, if you think, Harrison Ford was part of two huge, iconic franchises: Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
KUBICEK: Nobody was too confused about that.

Originally posted Dec 04, 2007

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