'The Hills': How Much Is Set Up?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It must feel weird having to reenact those things, though.
LAUREN CONRAD: No, I think there are just certain things that have become normal. Like, even when we're not being filmed, if an airplane flies over me, I stop talking. If I'm about to tell someone a secret or sing, I take my finger and feel across the top of my shirt to see if I'm wearing a microphone. Or I'll do it to rub the top of the microphone, because that messes with the sound and they can't hear you when you do that.

Would you say that when you see the show and how it's edited that it feels real to you? It really is your life being portrayed?
Yeah, they're telling exactly what happened. We don't have writers on this show. We make our own decisions; we say what we want to say. That's who we are. People can sit back and say it's real, it's fake, but at the end of the day to me this is real because this is my life. Someone else having a lighting crew coming in to their apartment at 8 o'clock in the morning and set up booms and lights is very weird. But for me, that's real. That's how I live my life.

When it comes to the Heidi situation, how much do you feel that's portrayed accurately? Do you ever think it's maybe overdramatized?
I don't think so. I think that's very real. It's very hard to lose someone who's the closest person to you in your life. That's a very real situation. It was very hard for me to be betrayed by someone who I loved and considered my closest friend. It's especially hard when you're in our situation right now where it's very hard to trust people — then when you have the person you trust the most do something to you, it's very difficult because it makes you question every relationship you have.

It's just funny because you guys end up showing up at the same places sometimes. Is that at all ever planned by MTV?
Well, we don't know about it. There was one event we went to, which we were both going to, and MTV knew it, and we had seen her boss' name on the board of the event, so we kind of assumed she would be there. But there was one incident when we showed up to a restaurant not knowing the other was going to be there, and MTV had set that up. But they only set that up because it was happening off-camera — we were getting into these situations where we were running into [Heidi and Spencer] and [MTV] kept missing them. They just wanted to put us in that same situation and see how we reacted because they didn't have it on camera. [MTV had no comment about Conrad's statements.]

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