25 Essential Fansites

Daniel Craig, Casino Royale
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9. James Bond

Launch Date January 1998

What You'll Find The site calls itself the Home of James Bond and serves as just that, a headquarters for all things 007. Peruse character profiles for the series' most notorious villains and temptresses, as well as comprehensive film reviews that take note of such crucial details as number of kills, conquests, and martinis. Nothing is overlooked at the site's Q-Branch, which exhaustively documents every gadget and vehicle from the franchise's first 20 films. (No Casino Royale...yet.)

Why It's Essential As the next Bond installment begins filming, the frequently updated Bond 22 Tracker, a preproduction diary by the site masters, and a well-trafficked user forum will placate the most demanding aficionado.

Official Site jamesbond.com
The omnipresent classic score alone may make you feel like you're behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, but this unabashed promotional vehicle for the 2007 Ultimate Collector's DVD Set doesn't expect you to just revel in 007 trivia and video clips. No, Bond fans, it expects you to buy! — Jeff Labrecque

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