25 Essential Fansites

Rainn Wilson, The Office
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7. The Office

Launch Date February 2006

What You'll Find In addition to recaps and chat rooms, this easy-to-navigate blog overflows with photos, spoilers, and video clips (including promos, deleted scenes, and miscellaneous non-NBC footage of Office stars).

Why It's Essential The site is rich with cast and crew exclusives (including an outing with Angela Kinsey and a Q&A with writer Michael Schur, a.k.a. Mose) and contests. Coverage of the two big real-world events in the Office-verse this year — the WGA strike and the Scranton fan convention — is particularly thorough. And if you're in love with Jenna Fischer (who isn't?), don't miss the Beesly tribute ''Pam Pong,'' by Sweet Diss and the Comebacks, in the audio section.

Official Site nbc.com/The_Office
Elaborately designed, the NBC hub bursts with goodies (care to submit photos from your own Finer Things Club?). Tour the Dunder Mifflin set, download motivational posters, or read ''Creed Thoughts'' ...if you dare. — Christine Fenno

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